Cleaning Tips for Breweries

The craft beer industry has turned the beer world on its head. Gone are the days when customers are satisfied by the same three or four beer selections available at every bar. Nowadays, craft breweries draw crowds for their bold flavors and laid back atmosphere. Whether you own a brewery or just work at one, you’re likely eager to keep the space as clean as possible. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re ready to spiff up the place:

Keep Chemicals, Beverages Far Apart

The Food Safety Modernization Act is raising standards and warning of noncompliance penalties for food and beverage producers. To keep up to code, always be sure to label your cleaning tools and chemicals. Use one color label for tools that come into contact with cleaning chemicals and another color label for those that touch the product. This helps avoid confusion and potential contamination.

Invest in High Quality Cleaning Tools

When it comes to purchasing cleaning supplies, don’t cut corners. Instead, invest in high quality tools you can rely on for years to come. Cheap brushes and brooms, for instance, often leave behind bristles that can make their way into the product. While alcohol can kill off bacteria, it is unlikely to dissolve the bristle of a brush.

Schedule Regular Cooler Floor Cleanings

In an ideal scenario, it’s a good idea to clean the floors in your cooler on a monthly basis. If that seems unrealistic, quarterly cleanings can be a good compromise. Cooler doors, foot and cart traffic all allow water condensation to accumulate at the entrance, promoting microbial growth and biofilm formation around the door and on the ceiling, walls, and floors. Soils and debris can also be transferred from shoes and carts to the cooler floors.

Maintain Cooling Unit Coils  

Regular cleaning of your cooling unit coils can save serious energy. Clean coils don’t have to work as hard to cool. Since these units move air, any growth occurring on them will become airborne, contaminating the walls and racking. If you’re hoping to keep coils free of microorganisms, invest in a soft-metal safe foaming product. Follow it up with a sanitizing agent, and you’ll be good for another few weeks.

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