Commercial Cleaning


Commercial cleaning is serious business. Often it is required for a facility to even function, such as in a restaurant or hospital. But every business relies on cleanliness to make a positive impression on customers and create a healthy environment for its employees. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business owner, Sani-Chem equips you with the right tools you need for your commercial cleaning application.

Commercial customers have specific needs. You need bulk purchases to improve your operating costs and to prepare for any kind of emergency. Government regulations create strict standards that require specific tools and chemicals to uphold. Downtime can mean lost profit, meaning you have to be able to clean quickly and effectively.

COVID-19 also highlighted the ineffectiveness of current cleaning practices, meaning that you may want to update your SOPs to reflect our new reality.

If you’re a commercial sanitation professional, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Hotels

    Guests always remember a dirty hotel, and they rarely return. Hospitality professionals face the daunting task of keeping vastly different areas of their property clean. Maintaining the appearance of cleanliness – such as a fresh smell – is just as important as actually being clean. Sani-Chem’s wide selection of chemicals and machines can streamline your facilities management. We also offer personal care items for your guests.

  • Office Buildings

    Big buildings require big cleaning, and you need to keep your tenants happy to reduce vacancy. Our bulk ordering, cleaning machines, and personal care lines enable you to keep your restrooms stocked and scale up your cleaning procedures.

  • Hospitals

    Hospitals require rigorous disinfection to protect against diseases and pathogens. We offer everything from sanitizing wipes to electrostatic sprayers for comprehensive disinfection.

  • Schools and Municipalities

    Kids can make messes like few others can, and janitorial staff have to work under strict time and budgetary requirements. Our hardware and chemicals help them do the job.

  • Restaurants

    Keep your guests – and the health inspector – smiling with our full line of cleaning and sanitation equipment. From degreasers and can liners for the kitchen to disinfectant for your tables, we can help.

  • Assisted Living/Nursing Homes

    Protect your residents from diseases with our suite of disinfection supplies and cleaning chemicals, and protect your staff with a full line of masks, gloves, and other PPE.

  • Property Management

    Whether you own a small rental or an entire apartment complex, Sani-Chem can scale to your cleaning needs.

  • Gyms and Wellness Centers

    Sanitation is paramount for any gym. Not only do we carry cleaning supplies for your staff and disinfection tools for locker rooms, but we also have sanitizing wipes and personal care items for your customers.

  • Sports Arenas/Stadiums

    The high turnovers and traffic of large venues require huge stocks of supplies. Our bulk ordering scales up to even the most demanding facilities.

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Commercial Cleaning