Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE, or personal protection equipment, is any device that protects you from environmental biohazards. The term came to the top of everyone’s mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially masks and gloves. But even in precedented times, personal protection equipment has a variety of applications. And it’s not just for pros: you can find plenty of uses for it around the house, too!

Sani-Chem offers a wide variety of PPE to our customers.

What are Common Types of PPE?

PPE comes in a wide variety of forms.

  • Gloves: useful for everything from washing dishes to performing surgery, gloves are made of a variety of materials depending on the application. Nitrile and latex gloves are designed to be used once, but rubber and leather gloves can last for months or even years before replacement.
  • Face shields: to protect your face from spraying liquid or aerosolized particles, especially in a medical or manufacturing environment.
  • Smocks: loose apron-like garments worn over your clothes, smocks protect them from stains, harmful chemicals, and other damage.
  • Masks: something we’re all no doubt familiar with by now, masks block airborne particles from entering your lungs. The type of particles they block varies depending on their classification; some can block particles that are microscopically small.