Office Buildings


Cleaning an office building is no easy feat. With workers and guests in and out all day – and sometimes into the night – your cleaning procedures have to be both effective and non-invasive. Likewise, tenants paying you rent expect top-notch facilities that cater to a professional environment.

Sani-Chem understands the needs of office building owners, managers, and cleaners, and our store is fully stocked to support your daunting task!

Regulations and Standards

Most professional office cleaners abide by guidelines from industry associations, such as the International Sanitary Supply Association’s CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard.)

Three levels exist for these standards:

  • Sterile: a 100% contamination free environment. Only possible in controlled settings, so not possible for an office building.
  • Disinfected: a properly disinfected environment has about 95% of pathogens removed.
  • Sanitary: ensuring general employee health is protected even though some contamination still exists.

Formal approaches such as OS1 standardize cleaning practices for workers on a team, and emphasize cleaning not only for appearance but for the health of building occupants. Special standards also exist for green or LEED buildings, such as CIMS-GB.

With COVID-19 now a reality, many property managers have had to update their cleaning procedures for the virus. High touch surfaces like doorknobs are more frequently disinfected, and kickplates and foot pulls are more common for entrances and exits.

Sani-Chem stocks items that can help you meet disinfected and sanitary standards. Disinfecting agents kill germs on a surface, whereas sanitizing products mechanically remove germs from the surface. Both are appropriate for certain situations.

What Needs Cleaning in An Office Building?

  • The huge floor areas of office buildings require quick and efficient cleaning, usually from scrubbers and floor machines.
  • With multiple bathrooms per floor on many floors, cleaning operations must scale effectively. You also must keep soap and sanitizer dispensers filled.
  • Your building has complex chain of both individual cubicle/room trash cans and larger trash cans in common areas.
  • Special Facilities. If your building has a cafeteria, gym, nap room, or other specialized areas, those have entirely different cleaning and supply requirements.


For huge properties like office buildings, cleaning machines are indispensable in reducing your labor costs and minimizing the impact of cleaning on tenants. Even if you outsource most of your property’s cleaning, having basics like a floor machine in-house can speed up emergency cleaning. They’re also great for keeping high-traffic areas like lobbies clean, especially when tenants track in mud and snow during wet seasons.