Personal Care

If people use your facility – whether it’s a hotel, school, or even your own home – they have to take care of themselves. Your patrons very much appreciate having personal care products, and they pay dividends in returning customers and improved overall sanitation in your facility.

From soap to toothpaste to shampoo, we’re happy to provide our customers with the personal care products they and their customers need.

Many applications for personal care products are obvious: gyms need shampoo and soap for locker rooms, auto shops need heavy duty hand cleansers, schools need hand sanitizer and diapers for messy little ones. But more creative uses can elevate your standards of care and impress your customers:

  • Offer hand lotion in your restaurant restrooms.
  • Have complementary deodorant and razors for your gym locker room.
  • Keep mouthwash and toothpaste and employee bathrooms to clean up for clients.
  • Venues can streamline events, especially parties or weddings, by always having personal care products on hand.

Buying in Bulk

Most of Sani-Chem’s personal care products are sold in large quantities: cases, giant bottles, dispenser sized. Sanitation professionals know to buy in bulk for several reasons. For one, you never want to run out of any mission critical supplies, especially essentials like hand sanitizer.

But residential customers can benefit too! The cost savings enabled by a bulk purchase can pay dividends for you and your family and prevent unwanted trips to the grocery store.