Sports Arenas | Stadiums


The Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor can house an astounding 107,601 guests at once…nearly the entire population of Ann Arbor! While your arena or stadium is likely smaller, this illustrates just how big of a responsibility it is to keep these venues clean.

For sanitation professionals in sports arenas and stadiums, the name of the game is scale. You need to clean large areas reliably and quickly, often multiple times per day. Sanichem can help.

Best Practices for Cleaning Sports Arenas/Stadiums

The major issue most sanitation professionals have with large venues is just that: they’re massive! During concert and sport seasons, these huge structures often have one or two-day turnovers between events.

While you can certainly brute force the problem with more staff, your best bet is to invest in large-scale cleaning machines. Floor scrubbers and disinfectant sprayers can radically reduce cleaning time, not only improving turnover rates but giving your staff more time to focus on details.

It’s important, especially in the wake of COVID-19, to emphasize the importance of disinfecting versus sanitizing. While sanitizing mechanically removes germs on surfaces, disinfecting actually kills them – including COVID-19.

You also need an enormous reserve of supplies; running out of paper towels or soap during a major event is a problem you don’t want to have.

What Needs Cleaning in Sports Arenas/Stadiums?

There are a number of areas to focus on:

  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms require round-the-clock cleaning, disinfecting, and replenishment of supplies. With such high traffic, smells also become a huge problem: you want to regularly flush floor drains and keep air fresheners in stock. Also be way of aerosols, as they can stick to floors and create a slippery surface.
  • Seating: exposed to both patrons and the elements, your seating requires a lot of care.
  • Concession Areas: held to the same standards as any restaurant, your concession areas require proper cleaning and disinfection to comply with regulations.
  • Common Areas: high traffic areas around entrances and exits not only require cleaning, but often buffing and polish to maintain their appearance.
  • Locker Rooms: whether it’s for the home or away team, athletes need to be able to recover in a clean environment.