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Staff using wet wipe and a blue sanitizer from the bottle to clean treadmill in gym. Antiseptic,disinfection ,cleanliness and healthcare, Anti Corona virus (COVID-19).

People work hard at gyms. There’s a lot of sweating, heavy breathing, shared contact with machines, and other factors that contribute to a germ-filled environment. Gym managers need a robust cleaning plan to protect the safety of their customers and equipment, and that starts with the right supplies.

Gym Cleaning: What’s Required?

So what has to be kept clean at a gym or wellness center?

  • Equipment. As the most high-touch areas in your gym, machines and weights have to be constantly sanitized. During the day, be sure to leave out sanitizing wipes for patrons, and have staff make regular passes to make sure things are extra clean.
  • Locker Rooms. Locker rooms are an easy place for patrons to catch surface-borne illnesses such as HPV. Showers and tile floors require regular disinfecting for the safety of your customers.
  • Pools and Spas. These ultra-humid areas are prime spots for mold and bacteria growth, which can not only harm your patrons but cause serious damage to your property if not dealt with properly.
  • Laundry areas. If you clean gym towels on-site, your laundry room has to be every bit as clean as your locker room. Wet towels sitting around are a breeding ground for mildew.

Best Practices for Cleaning Gyms

  • Disinfection vs. Sanitation. Gyms are hotspots for disease transmission, especially COVID-19. It’s important that wipes for your equipment – both for customers and employees – actually disinfect the surfaces rather than just mechanically scrub them.
  • Aerosols. Be careful using aerosols in your locker room or on equipment, especially floor mats: certain aerosols can stick to surfaces and create a slippery surface that can cause injuries.
  • Smell and Freshness. People can get stinky when they work out, and having a pleasant gym is just as important as having a clean one. Consider air fresheners in your common space and locker rooms, and mildly scented cleaning products. You can also offer free deodorant to your customers.