Hotels | Ballrooms

Does your hotel host conventions, conferences, or business meetings? Your ballrooms and other gathering areas need to be squeaky clean for these discerning guests!


The chemicals for cleaning your ballroom will vary based on the types of surfaces within. Carpet in particular can sometimes require different chemicals for both pre-treating and extraction. Linoleum and tile floors not only need cleaning, but regular buffing and polishing to keep them durable and presentable.

As for furniture, most surfaces like foldout tables and chairs can be easily cleaned with a reliable all-purpose cleaner. Wood furniture, such as podiums or architectural flourishes, should be treated with an oil-based cleaner to prevent damage.


For regular maintenance of your ballrooms, you need serious cleaning equipment. At the minimum you need a high quality vacuum cleaner, but you should also consider a floor machine or carpet extractor. Even in a lower traffic venue, bringing these items in-house can save significant outsourcing costs over time.

We also offer attachments for carpet extractors. Jet wands are ideal for cleaning upholstered chairs, preventing guest accidents from putting a convention behind schedule.

For hard surfaces, you should consider an electrostatic sprayer. These devices positively charge liquid disinfectant particles; when aerosolized, these cling naturally to hard, nonporous surfaces like podiums, walls, and ceilings. Soft or porous surfaces will still require cleaning.

Guest Needs and Logistics

For an easier cleaning process, collecting guest trash during events is essential. Sani-Chem offers a full selection of can liners in multiple sizes for even the most demanding events. We also offer a full line of personal care products such as hand sanitizer and lotion for your event guests and staff.

You’ll also need to keep your light fixtures and other unreachable room elements clean! Extendable handles and adapters can make this task much easier.