Hotels | Common Areas

Lobbies, gyms, elevators, locker rooms, bars: these common areas face some of the highest traffic of any hotel. To keep them clean and sanitary for your guests, you need a rigorous cleaning schedule and the right supplies. Equip your sanitation staff with chemicals and hardware from Sanichem! Here are our recommendations for some hotel common areas.


Lobby floors are extremely high traffic, and as the entryway into your hotel experience dirt, mud, and water from the outdoors. A heavy duty canister vacuum is a great choice for maintaining these busy areas; their superior suction power and large size allow for quick cleaning that keeps guest disturbance to a minimum. As disease spread becomes more of a concern after COVID-19, you may also want to consider disinfecting your floors

If your lobby floor is hard-surfaced, our scrubbers allow for vacuuming and mopping in a single machine. We offer both full-size and compact options for hard to reach areas.

Don’t forget about your lobby furniture! Sanichem’s furniture polishers keep it looking great, making a stellar first impression on your guests.

Elevators and Doors

For elevators, disinfection is the name of the game. A simple disinfecting spray or wipe keeps your elevator buttons clean, minimizing the spread of germs. Our mops and compact scrubbers are also an easy way to keep the floor squeaky clean. If you have a more ornate elevator, check out our polishers for wood, brass, and metal fixtures.

Door handles are high-touch areas as well. For manual doors, a kickplate or foot pull can be an easy way to minimize germ transmission.


It’s not just staff who need to clean your gym: most gyms supply sanitation wipes for guests to sanitize equipment on their own prior to use. Keep yours stocked with sanitizing wipes so your guests have a safe and healthy workout.

You’ll also want to keep odors at bay from your more enthusiastic guests. Automatic air fresheners can take care of this with minimal effort.