Hotels | Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are the most important part of the guest experience. It’s what they remember…and often, what ends up on your reviews pages. Your housekeeping staff have a challenging job, and they need to be equipped with the right tools to do it right.

Sani-Chem has everything you need to clean and sanitize your guest rooms, as well as the hardware and machines for deep cleaning and regular maintenance.


Every hotel room is different, and so every housekeeper’s cart is different too. Your chemicals need to be strong enough to clean, but not strong enough to damage surfaces. This is especially important for more upscale surfaces like stone, hardwood, and marble.

Our website lists details about each of our chemicals, so make sure you read them before you buy. When in doubt, start with a good all-purpose cleaner, a toilet cleaner, and a glass cleaner. A quality disinfectant is also extremely important to actually kill germs in the bathrooms instead of just removing them.

Be wary of aerosols, as these can adhere to certain materials and cause a slippery surface.


Vacuum cleaners are some of the most abused tools in professional hospitality, and it pays to invest in good ones. Make sure to stock up on belts, brushes, bags, and filters to keep turnovers quick, especially during the busy seasons.

For smooth surfaces, our array of mop and broom handles and heads can outfit your hardware for any room layout, including hard to reach areas.

Other Supplies

Don’t forget creature comforts for your guests! Make sure to keep their showers and bathrooms stocked with soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other essentials.