Deep Cleaning Restaurants

No one needs to be convinced that cleanliness in restaurants is critical. But, consider: It’s not just a pragmatic consequence of restaurant life, it’s a matter of money.

A recent study by the U.S. Travel Association reveals that direct spending by travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.7 billion a day, $113.1 million an hour, $1.9 million a minute and $31,400 a second. Among vacationing activities, fine dining ranks among the top five must-have “takeaways” by U.S. domestic travelers.

With 23% of a vacation budget allocated for food, restaurants are looking at some serious green during tourist season.

On Being Exceptional

So make sure you are poised to welcome these teeming masses of tourists with open arms and a sparkling clean restaurant. Common everyday cleaning protocols are a given. Thankfully, basic maintenance and cleaning schedules are a part of everyday life for restaurants.

But in anticipation of a dramatic spike in activity, deep cleaning is an effort that will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Deep cleaning will positively transform a restaurant experience from “eh” to extraordinary.

Plus, it’s always nice to have tons of 5-star reviews when patrons are thrilled with an exceptional experience, and show their love, right?

$1.9 Million a Minute

As of this writing, Florida restaurants are already swelling at the seams. Between valets in full on running mode, guests waiting outside in the heat & restrooms that are at best a bit disheveled, it’s evident that owners and operators are racing just to keep pace.

But even if many restaurants are in full swing right now, a good deep cleaning effort can be accomplished by a dedicated clean team. Throw an overnight cleaning party. Order pizza. Blast the music. Get it done. It just takes a plan, downtime, staff, and the right janitorial cleaning supplies. It’s not too late.

Remember, U.S. travelers are spending $1.9 million a minute. Don’t let dirty floors, dusty corners or stale air ruin your million dollar moment.

Double Down

Break it down. Take a step by step approach in the following areas: exterior, floors, lighting, linens, restrooms, kitchen, bar, dining, and air.

By taking a compartmentalized approach and assigning someone for each deep cleaning task, it’s completely doable to make short work of a rather intense project.

At $113.1 million an hour being spent during tourist season, you can’t afford NOT to get the job done.

Nine people. Nine jobs. Done.

Whatever you usually pay someone to help out, double it. Each task usually takes an hour or less, so just share the wealth and watch the magic happen.

Restaurants & The FDA

Besides, everyone knows that restaurants must maintain a clean and hygienic environment to comply with the stringent health and safety rules required by the Food and Drug Administration. Plus, a clean restaurant is a safe restaurant. Safety is number one!

Get Ready. Get Set. Clean.


Restaurants from Bah Haba (Bar Harbor), Maine to Key West, Florida are wearing the residue of a long, a very long winter. From snow, sludge, mud, grit, and grime all restaurants could stand a little lovely soap and water.

Take a before and after picture & next time you’ll remember why this is soooo important. Because a picture is always worth a thousand words.

Power Washing is the very best technique to ensure the highest level of clean for the exterior of a building. Power wash the walkways as well.


All winter long, in many states, patrons have trudged through winter weather bringing snow, slush, mud, grime, and sometimes harmful pathogens into restaurants.

In Florida, well sand, mostly. But, still.

So get busy and get serious. Stained carpets and dirty floors are not only a major turn-off but also quite the safety risk. Remember safety is number one, right?

There are some awesome floor and multi-use products on the market now that will rock your floor cleaning world. HEPA filter and new technology vacuums are pretty magical too.


Lighting sources throughout restaurants are often overlooked by cleaning staff. We assure you, they are not overlooked by dining patrons. Assign one person to carefully and methodically clean each lighting source from the entryway to the dining room to the bathrooms and beyond.

Buy commercial degreaser, you’ll need it. Microfiber cleaning cloths are also recommended, they’re the best.


Stand in the middle of the restaurant. Close your eyes. Wait. Okay, open your eyes and have a new, uncensored look at the linens and drapes.

Anything that can be pulled and laundered, do it. Attend to the linens, tablecloths, napkins, and anything that is washable. If the linens are obviously frayed and worn, pull them.

If the curtains are beyond shabby, that is not chic. Take them down. Nothing is better.

Assess the situation. Is it time to upgrade window treatments and linens?

Remember, travelers in the U.S. are spending an average of $2.7 billion a day.

Buy the curtains.


Everyone knows restrooms harbor the maximum amount of germs and harmful pathogens. There may be nothing more important than seriously cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the bathrooms, every day. But an intense deep clean before and during tourist season is critical.

The person that’s assigned to this task, at the end of the cleaning party, discreetly give that person a little extra cash – they deserve it.

And don’t forget, use germ busting, killer, crazy awesome bathroom cleaning products to get the job done right.


We all know hours could be spent in the kitchen. The epicenter of fabulousness that it is, with all of the cleaning needs that go along with it.

But for today’s purposes, let’s just concentrate on the kitchen hood. The kitchen hood is an expensive piece of equipment that’s critical to the smooth functioning of all restaurants.

Thus, special care must be taken. If steam cleaning is not an option, which is the preferred method, buy a degreasing product designed specifically for restaurants.


There are certain odors that emanate from the bar. Usually, that’s not a good thing. Most of all, stale air.

That stale smell of spilled drinks, old fruit, and that faint mildewy scent? Yeah, smells like the party from the night before must have had a blast. “That” smell.

During a deep clean, the source of odor can easily be addressed with professional janitorial cleaning supplies. Pull everything out, do a complete cleansing throughout the area, pull the mats, for sure.

Once the deep cleaning has been done, maintain the area religiously to assure the area is clean and sanitized. Guests can smell the scent of neglect a mile away.


Captivating. The dining area is where the action is. Guests will be spending most of their time in the dining area of course. And, first impressions set the tone for the rest of their time with you.

When guests enter restaurants, they want to be captivated, immediately. Enhance the ambiance and total dining experience by ensuring that chairs, tables, carpets, table linens are absolutely clean and perfectly placed. Set the stage and enjoy the show.

Check and double-check salt and pepper shakers, flower vases, and accouterments. The devil is in the details. It may be a tedious exercise, but completely and totally worth the effort.

Also, at $2.7 billion a day spent by U.S. tourists, why ruin a great dining experience with sticky, half filled salt & pepper shakers with loose caps?


Last, but maybe most importantly, the ventilation system. The ventilation system is the uncredited lifesaver of restaurants. Steam, unpleasant smells, and odors are absorbed by the ventilation system saving chefs and guests from exposure.

The amount of steam, oil, and odors emitted in restaurants is intense. Therefore, it’s essential to seriously tackle the thorough cleaning of the ventilation system.

Make sure that containers, air belts, and other essential parts of the system are in good repair to ensure effectiveness and longevity.

At the End of the Day

In conclusion, restaurants and patrons all want the same thing, an exceptional experience. Because there’s nothing better than great food and great company in a sparkling clean restaurant that becomes a cherished memory. So, If you need advice and would like to talk to a “clean” expert, give us a shout!

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