Get Rid of Toilet Stains

Dealing with Rust and Mineral Stains in Your Toilet

We’ve all seen those unsightly green or brown lines in a restroom, but despite how common they are, toilet stains are still unappealing. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean up before hosting a get-together or a commercial business wanting to keep its bathroom pleasant for customers, rust and mineral stains in the toilet can be a huge nemesis. Keep reading to learn how to prevent these problems and, if you can’t prevent them, how to get rid of them.

Where Do These Stains Come From?

Rust and mineral stains aren’t indicative of anything you’re doing wrong. They don’t arise from the wrong chemicals used in cleaning, and they don’t mean you’re neglectful with your bathroom hygiene. Instead, rust and mineral stains are caused by the very water that courses through your toilet.

Calcium, magnesium, lime, and other minerals are often present in so-called “hard” water. Even if you have an advanced filtration system, they can still pile up over time and create the tell-tale green or brown streaks that mar your white porcelain.

Preventing Mineral and Rust Build-Up

There are a few ways you can prevent rust/mineral stains. The best way, of course, is to regularly schedule professional cleaning. Sani-Chem offers safe but effective chemicals to combat mineral build-up and brighten all your bathroom fixtures. Other ways to keep the unsightly streaks from showing up include:

  • Upgrading your plumbing (especially if you currently use old-style iron pipes)
  • Using a water softener or filtration system

If you can eliminate minerals from your water as much as possible, you’ll have rust and mineral stains less frequently.

Cleaning Toilet Stains

Unfortunately, you may get rust, calcium, or lime deposits in your toilet bowl regardless of these precautions. But don’t panic. Cleaning toilet stains is a simple (if undesirable) task. You can simply purchase cleaning materials like Iron OUT or Clorox toilet cleaners at your local supply store or get chemical cleaners in our online shop. But you don’t have to shell out cash to get squeaky-clean toilets. There are a variety of homemade remedies that work fairly well.

  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Water and vinegar (half-and-half mixture)
  • Borax powder with lemon juice

These environmentally friendly options use acidic properties to eat away at the minerals that cause these unsightly streaks, without harming your toilet bowl. Still, the best option is always to go for the chemicals used by the pros.

Get Professional Cleaning Supplies From Sani-Chem

At Sani-Chem, we specialize in providing both homeowners and professional cleaning companies with a full range of chemicals, solutions, and supplies. Head over to our online store today or contact us for a consultation.