Keep Your Gym Clean and Safe for Members

Regular exercise is an essential part of keeping your body healthy and staying in shape for the summer. Unfortunately, gyms and wellness centers are often serious vectors for bacteria, odors, and general sanitation problems. As cleaning supply experts, Sani-Chem has some hot tips on how to keep your gym and fitness areas fit for use.

Disinfect Your Surfaces

It’s great to scrub all surfaces in your gym regularly, but doing so without disinfectant can mean that you’re letting harmful bacteria or viruses linger. You want to be sure to use products that will kill critters and sanitize surfaces instead of just wiping them clean to the naked eye.

We recommend a product like the Spartan Consume Eco-Lyzer. It’s a neutral-pH cleaner that helps control odor-causing bacteria and is effective against many viruses, including the HIV-1 virus and viruses that cause both staph infections and salmonella.

Odor Control Methods

In addition to disinfectant concentrates like the Spartan Consume Eco-Lyzer, you should also attack odors in other ways. However, it’s important to be cognizant of safety concerns when doing so.

For example, Envisol is a go-to aerosol disinfectant and deodorizing spray that can work wonders in your gym. You’ll want to use it sparingly and in areas with carpeted flooring, though, because aerosols can cause surfaces to become slippery. That’s a significant danger when your clients are using weights.

There are other methods of controlling odors that can be used in areas where you may be reluctant to spray aerosols. The BrightAir Super Odor Eliminator is a great option. It is infused with natural oils and can keep your space smelling clean and fresh for up to two months!

Mold Neutralizers

Gyms often have places that are susceptible to mold, such as:

  • showers
  • locker rooms
  • toilets
  • pool areas

The Zep Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover is a great option for getting rid of those unsightly blemishes and rings that can be a major turnoff for gym members. Whatever product you go with, you need something that specifically attacks mold, mildew, and soap scum to keep your gym’s wetter areas free of cleanliness issues.

For additional cleaning supplies, tips, and general information, contact Sani-Chem today.