Product of the Month: Spartan Kitchen Cleaning Products

For a food services professional, your kitchen is sacred. It is the heartbeat of any restaurant, cafeteria, or other dining facility, and requires incredible attention to detail for your employees, customers, and the health inspector. With the complexity of modern kitchens and the rigors food service subjects them to, you need powerful, safe, and reliable cleaners to keep them in top shape.

Spartan’s SparClean® kitchen cleaning products are top-of-the-line chemicals for any professional kitchen, and we are proud to feature them in our Sani-Chem catalog. Here is an overview of what Spartan offers.

Automatic Dish

An automatic dishwasher accelerates your turnover time for tables and keeps both back and front of house running smoothly. Spartan offers several detergents for multiple use cases:

  • All Temperature Detergent 50: a solid, well-rounded choice for both high temperature and low temperature machines. Highly concentrated for maximum lifetime and low doses per rack.
  • Chlorinated Detergent 51: a warewashing detergent that removes almost any stain.
  • Rinse Aids: remove unappetizing mineral water deposits from silverware and plates with SparClean® rinse aids, available for both low and high temperature machines.

3-Sink System

Manual dishwashing may be old-school, but it can remove stubborn grime that automatic washers can’t – and it provides redundancy if your machine goes on the fritz. Spartan offers chemicals for the washing and sanitizing phases of the classic 3-sink setup.

  • Coffee and Tea Carafe Destainer 60: coffee leaves stubborn stains and an unpleasant, burnt taste when not scoured properly. This specially designed chemical cuts through it.
  • Super Suds 48: an excellent all-purpose dishwashing detergent that cuts through grime and conditions hands, providing both customer and employee comfort.
  • Pot and Pan Detergent 56: with a higher pH than Super Suds 48, this chemical is specially designed for thick grime on pots, pans, and other cooking equipment.
  • Sani-T-10 Plus: essential for customer safety and health codes, this sanitizer is powerful and safe for use on dishes, food prep and cutting areas, and food processing equipment.

Kitchen Care

Spartan offers multi-purpose, general use products to keep your other kitchen appliances and surfaces sparking clean.

  • Oven and Grill Cleaner: specifically designed to cut through carbon, grease, and other stubborn stains, this non-flammable cleaner is ideal for ovens, grills, deep fryers, and other high-temperature appliances.
  • Sure Step 59: any kitchen is guaranteed to get greasy, including on the floor. This obvious safety hazard can be remedied with the enzymatic action of Sure Step 59, which works even when the floor is dry.
  • Sani-Tyze: a cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer designed for convenience and quick use. Sani-Tyze is safe for food surfaces, ice and drink machines, refrigerators, and water fountains.
  • Consume® Liq: some of the worst grease deposits are in your drains, and removing them can be a huge expense. Regular use of Consume® Liq can delay or reduce the need for this costly procedure.

Need to upgrade your kitchen cleaning routine? Sani-Chem not only stocks Spartan’s full line of kitchen cleaning products, but we can also advise you on how to integrate them into your SOPs and cleaning practices. Browse our inventory now, or contact us to get started.