Product of the Month: TruShot 2.0™ Trigger Dispenser

Welcome to our new product of the month blog! Each month, Sani-Chem highlights some of the most useful, unique, or cutting edge products in our catalog.

This month we’re doing a deep drive on the TruShot 2.0™ mobile dispensing system for SC Johnson’s line of Trushot 2.0™ chemistries. Your closets are likely full of different solutions in different spray bottles. Maybe they’re haphazardly labeled, or a collection of half-full containers, or one of those dispensers just doesn’t quite spray like the others.

The Trushot 2.0 solves all of those problems by integrating dilution and mixing into a single, lightweight, handheld dispenser that lets your sanitation pros swap out solutions on the fly.

About the Dispenser

The TruShot 2.0 mobile dispensing system consists of three parts: a spray nozzle, a water reservoir, and interchangeable cartridges.

The cartridges are the system’s most distinguished feature. Snapping on to the bottom of the device with no mess or drips, these 10 oz. concentrate cartridges are pre-labeled with all required OSHA markings and information.

The concentrates are mixed at automatic dilution with water from the 10 oz. water reservoir. The water reservoir is set low in the dispenser’s structure, allowing it to easily slide under any faucet – even most bathroom sinks. Your staff can easily refill in the middle of a job without returning to the supply closet.

The dispenser assembly is topped by a trigger-activated spray nozzle with narrow and wide spray positions, built of durable plastic that can withstand drops of six feet. The dispenser is rated to last for 250,000 trigger pulls, each dispensing 1cc of solution.

Why Choose the TruShot?

How can the TruShot trigger dispenser improve your sanitation workflow?

  • Easy refills. With a faucet-fillable water tank and quick swap cartridges, your staff don’t have to pause for lengthy fillups. Just swap out the cartridge or fill up the water tank and you’re good to go.
  • Perfect dilution. No math or measurements – the TruShot 2.0 does all the work.
  • Easy OSHA compliance. All cartridges are pre-labeled and some are available with Ecologo and NSF certifications.
  • Minimal training. With simple operation and no manual dilution, crews can get up to speed in a matter of minutes.

Interested in bringing the TruShot 2.0 to your cleaning and sanitation routine? Sani-Chem can help! Our supply of products and internal expertise are a one-stop shop to up your game. Contact us today for more information or to place an order.