Product of the Month: Unger Maxi Scraper

Welcome back to our Product of the Month blog series, where we spotlight new, innovative, and highly effective products in the Sani-Chem product catalog.

Adhesive gunk can be very challenging to remove. The dried, caked remnants of tape, glue, or hanging strips leave ugly residue on any surface they attach to, but it’s especially notable on a window. While products like Goo Gone and rubbing alcohol can certainly help, you need good old fashioned elbow grease to really finish the job.

The Unger Maxi Scraper is just such a tool. Its ergonomic design, rugged durability, and versatility make it a valuable tool to keep in your closet!

About the Maxi Scraper

The Unger Maxi Scraper is a simple hand tool perfect for removing stubborn gunk from most smooth surfaces. It shreds through adhesive gunk, loosens chipped paint, frees dried chewing gum, and easily separates other stubborn organic material.

Its design is simple: a 4”, interchangeable blade with a sharp and dull side attached to an ergonomic handle. It also features a plastic safety cap for safe storage.

Advantages Over Other Scrapers

Scrapers aren’t exactly rare tools. You can find them for dirt cheap in your local Lowe’s or on Amazon. But the Unger Maxi Scraper has several unique features that make it a worthy investment if you find yourself doing a lot of scraping:

  • Rubberized grip. The Maxi Scraper’s handle is coated with rubber. Not only does this make it easier to grip and more comfortable to use, but it reduces the risk of your hand slipping onto a sharp blade.
  • Easy blade change. No fooling around with screws or loose razor blades. One pull of a quick release switch and the blade pops right out.
  • Dual edge blade. The Maxi Scraper’s interchangeable blades feature both a sharp side and a dull side. The sharp edge is ideal for hard surfaces like windows, while the dull edge is suitable for softer surfaces like drywall, wood, or countertops.

You can find the Unger Maxi Scraper, along with replacement blades, in the Sani-Chem catalog.

Looking to improve your cleaning plan or SOPs? With veteran industry professionals on staff, Sani-Chem can help! Contact us today to learn how the Maxi Scraper and our selection of other products can improve your cleaning efficiency.