School Green Cleaning Solutions

In recent years, schools have turned to greener cleaning solutions to maintain their facilities, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and staff. This shift aligns with a broader trend towards sustainability and reduced chemical usage, especially in places where young people spend significant amounts of time.

A New Generation of Clean

One pioneer in this movement is Annihilare, a company founded in 2014 with a mission to promote healthier environments for all. Distancing itself from traditional chemical companies, Annihilare employs the latest technology to introduce a “New Generation of Clean.” Their approach is not just about eliminating germs but also about enhancing air quality, reducing toxic chemicals, and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. This comprehensive strategy is particularly relevant in educational settings, where the health and safety of the students and staff are paramount.

A striking example of Annihilare’s innovation is their green-cleaning device, the Annihilare machine. This device, which resembles a gas-station slushy machine, can produce six different sustainable cleaning solutions using only water, salt, and electricity. Such technology has been transformative for institutions like Murray and Franklin Colleges at Yale University. Since its installation last November, the Annihilare machine has replaced the need for 20 different chemical cleaning solutions previously used by custodial staff, significantly minimizing the chemical footprint in these residential colleges.

Simplified, Healthy, Sustainable Cleaning Methods

The decision to adopt this green cleaning system was driven by the employees themselves, as noted by MacLellan, Facilities Superintendent at Yale’s newest residential colleges. The Annihilare system offers a simplified, healthy, and sustainable cleaning method that benefits not just the users but also the wider community.

MacLellan’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond green cleaning. Her efforts include the elimination of blue recycling can liners, known to contaminate recycling batches, and the implementation of a consolidated-materials management system. This system uses fewer supplies and less energy, further contributing to the colleges’ sustainability goals.

Want to Try Annihilare?

The adoption of Annihilare’s technology at Yale is a testament to the growing recognition that sustainable and green practices in cleaning and maintenance are not only environmentally responsible but also beneficial for the well-being of the campus community. This trend is likely to continue as more educational institutions recognize the value of creating a healthy, sustainable environment for their students and staff.

If you’re curious about how Annihilare might fit into your facility’s cleaning regimen, click here to learn more.