Top Restaurant Cleaning Products

The food industry is perhaps the industry in which cleanliness is the most critical. No one wants to eat at a restaurant with a poor sanitation score. And in the era of COVID-19 and hyper-sensitivity to hygiene, this is truer than ever before.

In addition to compliance with federal and state food and safety regulations, it’s simply good business sense to ensure that your restaurant is associated with cleanliness. Cleaner surfaces, better hygiene practices, and attention to detail is a recipe that equals more customers and more money.

Dishwasher Liquid

You might think using the proper dishwasher cleaning fluid is a small factor in your restaurant’s cleanliness. In reality, there’s little that turns a customer off faster than dirty dishes or silverware. Even when it’s clean, glassware with streaks or water spots can also torpedo an eater’s experience.

We recommend Suma Crystal A8. Not only does this product prevent streaking, but it also helps counteract scale buildup during your industrial dishwasher’s rinse cycle.


Organizational cleanliness is important not just for aesthetic purposes. Simply put, unclean areas in your restaurant can lead to health department violations or worse: customer sickness. You never want to have your eatery named as the origin of a stomach bug, especially when post-COVID pandemic clientele are wary about public spaces.

Try the Spartan BNC-15 disinfectant for a safe alternative to harsher acidic cleaners. It emits a pleasant floral scent and targets microorganisms that can trigger illness and odors. The BNC-15 product is an effective deodorizer, sanitizer, antifungal chemical, virucide, and mildewstat.

Food Service Cloths

A job is only as good as the tools you use to accomplish it. While many of us have unfortunately seen restaurants with old, unpleasant-looking cleaning rags, the image isn’t one that instills trust. Instead, invest in bulk food service cleaning cloths like these from Tork.

A good food service cloth should check the following boxes:

  • color-coded to avoid cross-contamination between stations
  • low linting
  • easy to rinse and dry
  • antimicrobial properties
  • self-dispensing packaging (helps to avoid contamination)

As always, our resident expert Dave can answer all your restaurant cleaning questions. What are you waiting for? Ask Dave today!