Win a Property Management Cleaning Contract

Did you know the national average for turnover costs of a rental property is equal to three months rent? And this doesn’t include lost rent during the vacancy. That’s a lot of dough, and we’re not talking monopoly money!

Summer is the most common time for leases to come to an end. Plus, not factored in are summer vacation rentals. And these turnover rates defy the imagination.

Even though a day in the life of a property manager tends to be somewhat stressful, summertime takes the cake. And this is why property managers need cleaning professionals that are on top of their game, now.

Is Cleaning Subjective?

Here’s the easy answer. No. Cleaning is not subjective.

Properties are often left in deplorable condition. The worst stories you have ever heard are true.

And, if you want a little dose of reality, just watch Judge Judy in a property management/tenant dispute. 9 out of 10 times the debate is all about dirt, filth, stench, and stains.

Before and after pictures reveal the truth. The diligent work of the cleaning crew renders stunning results. These are the heroes who have transformed the despicable to that of nothing less than glorious. So, cleaning professionals of the world, never underestimate your worth.

Time is Money

Following a departure, days or weeks are filled with rehab and cleaning crews who transform the property into a fresh, clean and sparkling nirvana.

But every day that passes makes owners anxious. And of all the tasks, pure and simple cleaning is the most important. There are no shortcuts. Exceptional cleaning professionals are critical to turning property quickly, efficiently and flawlessly.

When a property manager finds a professional cleaning company that accomplishes this goal, the deal is done.

Have You Got What it Takes?

As a cleaning company, you want a competitive edge to win property management contracts. So be sure to offer services that are tailored to the needs of the client as a starter.

Also, learn company details. Offer services based not only on your own knowledge and expertise but on the nuances of the company. This approach ensures a long-term partnership.

Six Things to Do & Bring It Home


Do your research and learn about the company. Again, submit a proposal that has been specifically tailored to that of your client. This is important.  If you can’t find the information you need, pay a visit.

Have a look around and just talk to folks who like to chat. Observe the number of buildings, units, and reception areas. By being on site, you’ll have a better understanding of the intangibles you won’t find anywhere else. Design your proposal accordingly.

Be on the Same Page

In addition to providing features and benefits of your company that mesh with the needs of a client. Get down to the nitty-gritty and provide facts. Offer a 50 point tick list. With a check off list, there is mutual expectation and delivery of services.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel on this one. A Google search will give you plenty of Professional Cleaning Check List template options, just choose what suits you best, tailor it and personalize it.

Exude Professionalism

Peace of mind. That’s all anybody wants. Your client must be completely comfortable and at ease. Provide documentation. Staff training, certifications, licensure, and applicable insurance policy documentation should be included in your packet.

Also, include copies of awards and certificates your company and staff have earned. A nice feather in your cap. Copies of referrals are golden as well.

If you are utilizing state of the art cleaning technologies, briefly explain their significance. Include literature for your client to review. Cleaning supply companies have slicks they are happy to share to promote their products.

Get Personal

As a contractor, you’ll see the day-to-day operation of the business. In most cases, managers are juggling multiple properties every single day. They can’t be everywhere.

With your staff on site, in essence, they are the eyes and ears of the property manager. It’s only natural to see areas that need immediate attention. These problem areas can be addressed immediately by contacting the property manager via text.

Remind your client about this. It is a hidden but valuable perk.

What Makes You Better – Ask the Right Questions

What are everyday cleaning issues that matter most to your client?

  • Are residents sensitive to noise?
  • Are there high traffic carpeted areas?
  • Is there a cross-contamination issue in high turnover building?
  • Does a resident population have sensitivity issues?
  • Is the building green & LEED certified?

Finding out some of these variables in advance will equip you with some brilliant products and solutions before your client even asks.

What Makes You Even Better – Solutions

Lastly, being the experienced and insightful cleaning professional that you are, solutions might matter most.

Sound Sensitivity – A filtered backpack vacuum can be used even when people are in the building, in lobbies or dining areas, without noisy interference.

The HushTone Backpack Vacuum Cleaner actually improves indoor air quality using HEPA filters while utilizing two-speeds with less disruption when you want it and Boost mode for higher performance when you need it.

High Traffic Areas – The bigger the job, the more likely that carpet deep cleaning will be on a schedule to clean sections of the buildings on a rotating basis. Spot cleaning between deep cleaning sessions is actually a necessity if you are to maintain any semblance of uniformity in a clean carpet appearance throughout the complex.

It’s a good idea to include an addendum in your contract to spot clean high traffic areas prone to spills, stains or worn looking areas before or after their regularly scheduled deep cleaning session. To be completely prepared, get equipment beyond a spray can. The Sandia Carpet Spotter is aces.

Cross-Contamination – If you’re working within an environment that is susceptible to cross-contamination, which let’s face it, is every property, set up a foolproof system. By using color-coded flat mops and microfiber cleaning cloths, there will be no confusion.

This system is an extra layer of assurance that cleaning cloths and mops that are used in bathrooms will never be used in any other area of the property.

Environmental Awareness –  Offer cleaning methods that require fewer chemicals and fewer applications. Using green seal certified and biodegradable products maximize coverage while minimizing our impact on the environment. For every cleaning chemical, solution and situation, there are green seal certified product options as well.