Product of the Month: CFR Pop-Out and Enz-Out Cleaners

Carpet stains present a unique challenge for any sanitation professional. The thick threads of carpet soak up stains easily, requiring both strong cleaners and mechanical action to completely remove. Carpet stains are also particularly unsightly, especially in environments where guest impressions matter, such as hotel rooms.

Having a good carpet cleaning routine and supplies in your arsenal is essential for rapid and effective response. Sani-Chem is proud to stock CFR’s Pop-Out and Enz-Out Cleaners for use in their specially designed carpet extraction systems.

About CFR Systems

Carpet extractors operate on a pretty simple premise. Carpet cleaning solution is mixed with hot water and injected deep into carpet fibers. Brushes on the front of the machine agitate this solution, dislodging particles in the fibers, and then a wet-vac sucks up the resulting gunk and water. Most non-professional carpet cleaners simply channel this water to a reservoir, which can then be emptied by the user when full.

For professionals, this presents several problems. Chief among these is the need to frequently dump and refill the water in the extractor. When a drain and faucet can be far away from the job site, this adds up quickly.

This is where CFR (continuous flow recycling) comes in. Rather than pushing dirty water straight into a reservoir, CFR machines filter it up to seven times before requiring fresh water. This means less frequent refill trips and reduced turnaround times, maximizing efficiency.

About Pop-Out and Enz-Out

CFR machines are designed to work with specialized cleaners, each of which is applicable for different jobs.

  • Pop-Out is designed for water soluble substances like soft drinks, ketchup, red wine, and most dirt. While designed for stain removal, its power is ideal for general purpose cleaning.
  • Enz-Out is specifically designed for stubborn protein-based stains like vomit, blood, and grease. Its formula contains enzymes specifically designed to break down these fatty particles and remove any odors.

Looking to make carpet cleaning easy at your home or property? Sani-Chem not only stocks machines and cleaners, but also offers consultation and advice on how to optimize your cleaning SOPs. Contact us today to get started!