Cleaning Sticky Floors

We’ve all been there. You notice a spill on your floor, clean it up, mop well, let it dry… And then you discover that the floor is still sticky. There’s nothing that turns potential customers off more than walking into a business and having their feet stick and squelch. Even if you’ve thoroughly cleaned, sticky floors just scream uncleanliness. At Sani-Chem, we’ve got the solutions to all your sticky floor problems.

Target the Cause of Your Sticky Floor

There are multiple reasons that your floor can remain sticky even after you’ve spent time mopping. The first is simply that you haven’t cleaned enough. Some spills, like sodas, create a residue that often takes several mop cycles to clean. But the other reason is a bit more frustrating. That’s because your cleaning can actually be the cause of stickiness.

How Cleaners Can Cause Stickiness

Cleaning solutions are designed with very specific dilutions in mind. Remember chemistry class in high school? Like everything involving chemistry, cleaning solutions are only truly effective at the specified dilution percentage. If you’ve added too much water (or too little!) your cleaning solution may be rendered ineffective and could be leaving behind its own sticky residue. That means you could be making things worse by adding more cleaning solution, as backward as that might sound.

Use the Right Cleaner

It’s also important to ensure that you’re using the right kind of floor cleaner for the specific job you need. An example of this is the elimination of salt in the winter. Often used to keep snow from building up, salt is a common cause of sticky floors when tracked into buildings by pedestrians. This causes sticky floors. But, since salt is basic (alkaline), using an alkaline-based cleaner can actually make the stickiness worse. Instead, switch to a more neutral cleaner for a more effective clean.

Use the Right Equipment

Dirty or worn-out mops can lead to sticky situations. As with any job, cleaning requires the right tools to achieve the best results. You might want to invest in an automatic floor scrubber, new mops and buckets, and other tools to improve the look and feel of your business’ floor. At Sani-Chem, we offer a full range of floor care equipment and cleaning solutions to help your home or company look its best.

With the right tools, the right cleaner, and the right know-how, you can solve your sticky floor problems for good. For more tips and tricks on keeping your home and business clean, check out the Sani-Chem blog.