Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips

With winter finally in the rearview, spring brings forth a time for renewal, freshness, and cleaning. Most people look forward to the longer days and warmer weather that the season offers. Few of us, on the other hand, eagerly anticipate spring cleaning. The idea of it can seem overwhelming for homeowners but downright intimidating for commercial businesses. Where should you start? Do you have to clean everything? Where should you focus, and where will you find the time to get it all done?

Take a breath – spring cleaning your commercial space doesn’t have to be a gigantic challenge. By prioritizing, organizing, and jumping right in, you can get over the anxiety of starting and get your commercial space ready for the season.

Take a Closer Look 

You likely spend a lot of time in your commercial space, but when is the last time you really took a closer look? Take a step back and try to view your business through the eyes of a first time visitor. Go from room to room with an eagle eye on the tiniest of details. These will help direct you as to where to begin your spring cleaning efforts.

Perform an Exterior Inspection

As you’re inspecting your commercial space, don’t forget to take a walk around outside, too. Pay attention to the condition of your entryway, the parking lot, and the sidewalks. These are the areas that customers see first – you’ll want to prioritize spring cleaning these areas to make the best possible first impression. Your windows and entryway should also be clean and inviting.

Focus on the Floors

The winter months can be especially hard on flooring. Salt, dirt, water, and grime can build up over the season and cause your doors to look dingy. The buildup of grime can also increase the wear and tear on your flooring, reducing their lifespan. If you haven’t deep cleaned your floors or carpets in awhile, now is the time to take action.

Clear Away the Dust

During the chilly winter season, we naturally rely upon our HVAC systems more. Dust from the ductwork and vents inevitably wind up inside your commercial space. The air tends to be drier, too, contributing to dry, itchy skin. Since dead skin cells are a major contributor to indoor dust, it’s important to perform a thorough dusting at the end of the winter months. Doing so will make your property feel and look cleaner while improving indoor air quality.

The Right Supplies from Sani-Chem

The right supplies can make all the difference when spring cleaning. If you’re running low of cleansers or need new equipment to help service your building, Sani-Chem can help. Schedule an appointment with our team and we’ll be glad to offer guidance for your spring cleaning plans.