Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpeted buildings require careful maintenance to ensure the comfort and health of occupants. Carpeting can house dust mites that trigger asthma and allergies. The dust that accumulates can get kicked up into the air and impact overall air quality. There are health risks to weigh, but the appearance of your carpeting also makes an impact. One glance at old, dirty carpet and potential customers may rethink doing business with you altogether.

If your office carpets have seen better days, keep these commercial cleaning carpet tips in mind:

Vacuum Daily – No Matter What

If your office is open for business, it’s important to make vacuuming part of the daily routine. Dirty carpet doesn’t just look bad, it actually wears down the lifespan of your investment. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but dirt and debris have jagged, sharp edges. Allow dirt to build up over time and you’ll see these abrasive materials start to dull the carpet’s surface and wear away. This diminishes the carpet’s appearance and require you to replace it far sooner than you would with standard care. Regular vacuuming isn’t just an aesthetic decision, it’s an investment in the longevity of your carpet.

Clean Carpets Before They’re Visibly Dirty

Spot cleaning here and there isn’t enough to bring old carpeting back to life. Instead, be proactive in your efforts to keep carpets clean. While it may be tempting to delay cleaning, doing so can jeopardize the integrity of your carpets. Most commercial rug manufacturers advise a thorough cleaning at least twice per year. For best results, clean your carpets before they start looking dirty or tired.

Don’t Wait to Treat Stains

Perhaps you just did a thorough cleaning of your carpets and discover a new stain. While you might be tempted to shrug it off and wait to address it the next time you do a deep clean, old stains are much harder to treat than new ones. Check for spots and stains daily, and when you discover one, work to determine exactly what caused it. Depending on the material the carpet is made from and the type of stain you’re trying to remove, you’ll likely need to blot with a cleanser and treat with hot water.

Use the Right Tools

The most thorough carpet cleaning can lead to disappointing results if you’re not using the right tools. Sani-Chem offers the cleaning supplies you need to keep your commercial carpeting looking and feeling brand new. Not sure what you need, exactly? Our helpful team can walk you through the best options for your space. Get in touch today!