How to Clean Marble Countertops

Marble is made primarily of calcium carbonate and is a porous, calcareous stone. While it looks great and is a go-to for many businesses and homeowners looking to spice up their interior design, it can also be a bit difficult to properly clean. The stone is porous, so it usually is vulnerable to acidic cleaning solutions.

The Natural Stone Institute has a complete guide to cleaning marble and other types of stonework you might feature in your home or office. The organization recommends several approaches to cleaning, including:

  • using prepared stone cleaners
  • using liquid dish soap diluted with water
  • using gentle, soft cloths
  • using neutral cleaners (not acidic)

Luckily, Sani-Chem offers a wide range of cleaning materials for all needs, including marble countertops. Below are some of our sought-after cleaning supplies available on our official store.

Our Stone Cleaners

We offer premium stone cleaning solutions for daily use, so you can keep your countertops vibrant and immaculate. For example, we stock Method’s Daily Granite Cleaner. An apple-scented solution, it’s made of nontoxic chemicals and is plant-based. Effective against grease and grime, it can be used on marble, granite, and other stone types. Plus, its streak-free formula helps to prevent the accumulation of that dreaded film some cleaners leave behind.

You can find Method’s Daily Granite Cleaner on our shop, as well as a host of other options like Seventh Generation’s Mandarin-orange-scented granite and stone cleaner.

Soft Cloths for Cleaning

Whether you opt for a mild dish soap mixed with warm water, specialized stone cleaners like those listed above, or a general neutral cleaning solution, you’ll need a soft cloth or similar material to gently scrub the surface.

Sani-Chem has you covered for that as well. Our online store sells microfiber cloths in different colors, like this yellow version. Microfiber cloths are great for absorbing liquids and cleaning solutions, can be used both wet and dry, and can even be used for simple dusting. Even better, the cloth is machine washable, cutting back on unnecessary paper towel or disposable cloth waste.

For larger spills or those that require more vigorous cleaning, we suggest our selection of terry cloths. These cloths are more specialized and are used for moderate to heavy cleaning jobs, but they are also more absorbent.

Sani-Chem Has All Your Cleaning Needs

Whether you’re cleaning your marble countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, looking for an automatic floor cleaner for your food service business, or trying to clean the carpets in your office space, Sani-Chem has what you need. Head over to our online store to browse our products and see what we can do for you.