Product of the Month: Snowcap Rust Stain Remover

Rust is any property manager’s worst nightmare. Not only can it cause significant structural damage, but it leaves behind an ugly, brown stain that is hard to ignore. No one wants their bathroom or playground to look like an abandoned factory.

While a basic acidic mixture can remove rust on fabrics and furniture, the stains are quite resilient on harder surfaces like metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Removing these stains requires a specially designed cleaner. At Sani-Chem, we recommend Snowcap Rust Stain Remover for these purposes.

What Causes Rust Stains?

Rust stains can form in any environment where metal and plastic can mix. Outdoors is an obvious example, but this can extend to fixtures such as faucets, water fountains, and sprinklers. Some of the worst stains form on surfaces secured by metal fasteners, especially those made of iron or an iron alloy. Other metals also rust, but not as quickly. Rust will eventually eat through the metal and destroy it.

Similar stains can also appear when water contains excess iron. This is especially common in well water; you’ll notice a distinct brown tint in exposed fixtures or surfaces.

How Does Snowcap Work?

Snowcap comes in a box in powdered crystal form. To use, simply mix with water and apply to the surface with a pressurized sprayer. After fifteen minutes, rinse it off and repeat if desired. There’s no scrubbing and since the product is naturally derived, it can be rinsed off outside without any environmental impact.

One pound of Snowcap equals about two gallons, which is enough to cover 400 square feet.


For professionals, Snowcap’s applications are obvious. Outdoors it’s great for removing stains from vinyl siding, brick, and masonry. Pool decks – including wood patios – can have winter rust sprayed away before the summer season. Snowcap is also great for interior applications, such as bathrooms, warehouses, factories, and more.

Home users can also find many purposes for Snowcap. It can be used on the side of your home, on your deck or patio, your sidewalks and stairs, or your pool. If you’re pressure washing concrete, a quick spray of Snowcap afterwards can significantly brighten it. Snowcap also cuts through stubborn stains in bathtubs and tile without labor-intensive scrubbing. It can even be used on windows, though it should be rinsed immediately.

Got a rust problem? Let us help you solve it! Sani-Chem stocks Snowcap Rust Stain Remover, and our experts can help integrate it into you cleaning SOPs. Contact us today to learn more.