Overlooked Surfaces to Disinfect in 2023

Some cleaning tasks are obvious. In your workplace, you likely know you need to disinfect large counters, sinks, and tables. What may be less obvious – or overlooked altogether – are the objects and surfaces that are the source of contaminants and germs. They’re used daily but are rarely ever disinfected. Curious about those forgotten surfaces? Allow us to clarify and provide you with some direction for disinfecting in the new year.

Appliances and Electronics

When was the last time you disinfected your keyboard? What about the mouse, your phone, or your copier? Appliances and electronics help keep your business running, but they’re often lost in the shuffle when cleaning. The next time you enter your workplace, keep a running list of the items you touch. This can help you craft a checklist of things to disinfect.

Trash Cans

The place where we throw our trash away also needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Though this might sound obvious, most people fail to keep their trash cans clean. A simple wipe down of the outside is a great way to keep contaminants at bay, but more thoroughly cleanings should be planned for at least monthly.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

Doorknobs, drawer pulls, and light switches are among the most frequently touched spots in any space. Too often, though, they’re forgotten about when it’s time to clean. Whatever you need from a drawer, you’re likely transferring the germs from the handle onto whatever’s inside. Thankfully, these are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner.


You use keys every single day, but if you’re like most people, you rarely clean them. This can become a real issue if you’re sharing keys with multiple members of your team. Keys to the bathroom, in particular, can get really grimy. Make a plan to wipe down your key rings each day. It doesn’t take long to keep them germ-free!

The Right Tools for the Job

Cleaning is made much simpler with the right tools. Sani Chem can provide your operation with the cleansers, disinfectants, and sanitizers necessary to keep your space clean. If you’re hoping to turn over a new leaf in 2023, reach out to our team for guidance. We can guide you through your options and ensure you’re cleaning as effectively and efficiently as possible – contact our team today.