Product of the Month: CFR BW Stain-A-Way

Carpet stains are not created equal, and so neither are carpet cleaners. The carpet cleaner you choose should be tailored to the type of stain, the machine you’re using, and the type of carpet.

Most general purpose carpet cleaners are designed for water-soluble soils like soft drinks, ketchup, and wine. Others are designed for protein-based stains like vomit or urine. But some particularly stubborn stains, especially water damage or detergents, require yet another special cleaner.

This is where CFR BW Stain-A-Way comes in! This cleaner is acidic, making it uniquely suited to special stains.

pH and Carpet Cleaning

If you paid attention in chemistry class, you’ll remember that pH is the measure of how acidic something is. Low pH represents acidity, and high pH represents alkalinity. The natural pH of carpet fibers is generally 7, so in the neutral part of this range.

The goal of any carpet cleaner is to move the carpet’s pH as close to 7 as possible. Because most water is between 6.5 and 8.5 pH, more neutral substances dissolve more easily in it. You want to leave the carpet as close to its natural pH as possible when you’re done with it.

Why are Most Carpet Cleaners Alkaline?

Most carpet cleaners are alkaline because most stains are acidic. Wine, vomit, urine, beer, milk, and more are all on the lower end of the pH spectrum. Alkaline cleaners work so well for them because they neutralize the fats, oils, and acids in these substances.

But if the substance you’re cleaning is alkaline in nature, you obviously need to reverse it. This is where CFR #3 BW Stain-A-Way comes in.

What Can an Acidic Cleaner Do?

CFR #3 BW Stain-A-Way is designed for these alkaline stains: water stains, water soluble sources, and detergent residue. These residues often lend a brown, dingy appearance to fabrics and carpet fibers. These stains can be caused by certain chemicals or by overuse of detergents.

Looking to integrate CFR #3 BW Stain-A-Way into your cleaning routine or SOPs? Need advice on removing that stubborn stain? Sani-Chem’s experts can help! Contact us today to learn more about CFR #3 BW Stain-A-Way or any of our other products.