Product of the Month: CFR Reclaim Carpet, Fabric, and Surface Cleaner

Sustainability is becoming an imperative for businesses, especially with regards to facilities management. Climate change looms as the public – and investors – become more conscious of environmental hazards.

Carpet is not the most environmentally friendly material. It can take up to 50 years to decompose in a landfill, and synthetic fibers can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) VOCs can seep into groundwater, harming local wildlife and even people.

So instead of throwing away carpet, an obvious idea is to recycle or “reclaim” it. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s often the most cost-effective solution. And sometimes, reclamation really is as simple as a very thorough cleaning.

CFR’s Reclaim Cleaner is a powerful, water-based cleaner specifically designed to remove heavy stains from carpets and upholstery. Designed for use in carpet cleaning machines, it excels at restoring carpet damaged by disaster or neglect.

When is Reclamation a Good Idea?

Reclamation is always preferable, but there are definitely some circumstances where it’s better to just replace the carpet. Here are some tips for common carpet incidents:

  • Water damage: clean water from sinks or faucets may cause some mold or discoloration, but is safe to reuse if cleaned properly. Sewage is unsanitary, and contaminated carpet should never be reused under any circumstances.
  • Neglect: stains and lost pile height are great candidates for reclamation, especially around entrances and doorways. But long-term damage, such as furniture sitting on a carpet for many years, can be difficult to fix.
  • Allergies: pet dander, dust, and other allergens can be easily and quickly removed from carpet.
  • Odors: most odors can be easily removed with CFR Reclaim. However, if odors have been in the carpet for a long time, your mileage may vary.

Other Uses for CFR Reclaim

The highly concentrated power of CFR reclaim gives it additional, more everyday uses.

  • High traffic lanes: a busy hallway, lobby, or ballroom can attract dirt very quickly. CFR reclaim is ideal for these heavy traffic areas to keep their carpet looking lush, attractive, and clean.
  • Hard surfaces: though primarily designed for carpets, CFR reclaim can also be used on hard surfaces. It’s especially effective on tile and linoleum.

Looking to restore some aging carpet? Sani-Chem stocks CFR Reclaim in various sizes, along with carpet cleaning machines. Our experts can also offer advice on how to integrate its use into your cleaning SOPs to maximize your carpet’s lifespan. Contact us today to get started!