Product of the Month: Unger OmniClean Floor Cleaning System

Welcome back to our Product of the Month blog series, where we spotlight new, innovative, and highly effective products in the Sani-Chem product catalog.

This month we’re taking a look at the Unger OmniClean, a groundbreaking floor cleaning system. Through a combination of a multi-bucket system, specialized mop pads and a unique upright wringer design, OmniClean ensures your floors get truly clean water, maximizing both effectiveness and efficiency.

The Problem with Traditional Mops

The standard string mop and wringing bucket design was invented a very long time ago…1893, to be exact. While the system is certainly reliable, it comes with a few problems by design.

For one, string mops, with their thick construction and tangly nature, tend to harbor bacteria and germs. For another, the mops literally use dirty water while cleaning. Yes, you can change the water often to alleviate this problem, but that requires constant trips back to a water source and drain.

How OmniClean Works

The Unger OmniClean system solves all of these problems with conventional string mops. The kits use three primary tricks to accomplish this:

  1. A microfiber mop pad. OmniClean mop pads are made of microfiber as opposed to the thick, ratty mess of traditional mops. This makes them much easier to fully rinse.
  2. A two-bucket system. Taking a note from car detailing professionals, OmniClean kits separate water into dirty and clean buckets so you don’t reuse dirty water. In addition to keeping things clean, this also means you can mop larger areas before refilling the buckets.
  3. An agitator and wringer. Both the dirty bucket and wringer feature a physical agitator to rub debris and dirt off of the mop pad.

Deploying OmniClean to your sanitation professionals requires no training, and the system is easy to use. Simply dip the mop in the dirty side, then in the wringer, and then in the clean side.

OmniClean has proven results! Research indicates that not only does it remove 90% of dirt from floors, but it allows workers to clean a 13x larger area before refilling than a conventional mop. Kits are available in three varieties: dual bucket, restroom, and spot.

Do you think OmniClean could improve your cleaning procedure? Sani-Chem can help! We’re proud to OmniClean kits and parts, and can offer advice on how to integrate them into your SOP. Contact us today to learn more, or browse our inventory.