Product of the Month: H2Orange2

A good, reliable all-purpose cleaner is an essential tool in any sanitation professional’s kit. But many all-purpose cleaners come with a lot of drawbacks. For one, they’re not always truly “all-purpose”: they’re limited to use on certain surfaces, or clean but don’t sanitize, or lack enough power for certain stains. Many also contain harsh chemicals, requiring extensive training and safety precautions to effectively use.

Enter Envirox’s H2Orange2 Concentrate 117. Based on simple ingredients, this effective all-purpose cleaner can handle 95% of all your general cleaning, and it’s available through Sani-Chem.

About H2Orange2

H2Orange2 is a simple all-purpose cleaner that uses two primary ingredients: cold-pressed orange oil and hydrogen peroxide. This combination provides both significant mechanical cleaning ability – including anti-grease action – and sanitization: H2Orange2 kills 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria in 5 minutes or less. This has the bonus effect of destroying odors, too!

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of H2Orange2 is that it works on any water-safe surface with no residue or grease left behind. Tile, glass, carpet, porcelain, and most other surfaces can be easily cleaned with standard dilutions.

H2Orange2 is available in both light duty and heavy duty dilutions. For greater ease of use, it is also available in a wall-mounted dispenser with automatic dilution for both the light duty and heavy duty varieties.

Why Orange Oil?

Orange oil is a bit of a natural miracle. Most cleaners use two primary ingredients: a surfactant and a solvent. Surfactants are what physically carry dirt away from the surface by chemically bonding to it. Orange oil is a natural solvent, meaning that it breaks down the dirt into smaller pieces, allowing the surfactant to work more quickly. It also leaves behind a pleasant, citrusy smell.

Orange oil is sustainably harvested from orange peels left over from juicing. This method means no part of the orange goes to waste and allows your facility to lower its carbon footprint.

Looking to streamline your cleaning routines with H2Orange2? Sani-Chem can help! We stock the full range of H2Orange2 products and can offer expert advice for integrating it into your cleaning and sanitation SOPs. Contact us today to get started!