Rid Your Building of Smoke Smell

There are lots of online tips for masking odors in your home or office building. Unfortunately, many of these simply add fragrances on top of the smells rather than eliminating the problem. The smell of cigarette smoke is often a huge turnoff for customers or even home visitors, and getting rid of the odor can prove extremely difficult. At Sani-Chem, we have specialized cleaning solutions for both commercial and residential clients, all designed to combat that infamous “smoke smell” at the source.

Understanding Odor Control

Sani-Chem has an entire range of odor control products in our online store, but what does odor control mean, exactly? The best anti-smell solutions don’t just mask the particles in the air, but actually destroy them or alter their chemical makeup. An altered particle no longer fits into your nose’s odor receptacles in the same way, eliminating the odor rather than simply adding nicer smells into the air. This is often the way it works with smoke-related odors.

In some cases, our odor control products may actually work as disinfectants. Some odors are caused by bacteria, which cease to emit the odor particles once they are killed. Disinfectant sprays typically target these and other harmful bacteria on surfaces and in the air.

Try These Smoke Smell Destroyers On for Size

There are plenty of options for you to choose from when selecting cleaning products that can truly handle your smoke smell problem. These are just a few of our favorites and most popular in our store.

Nature’s AirSponge

Nature’s AirSponge Odor Absorber is a fragrance-free odor eliminator that can be used in any location and on any surface. It’s completely natural and is perfectly safe for children, pets, and people who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma. Unlike other choices, it doesn’t leave behind any lingering smell.

Clorox Commercial Solutions Odor Defense

Though this one is made by Clorox Commercial Solutions, it doesn’t contain any bleach. Created specifically for commercial properties like restaurants, apartment complexes, daycares, etc., the Odor Defense spray eliminates odors for up to six hours. It has been shown to be tough on smoke smells especially, including both nicotine and marijuana odors as well as smoke from a wood fire.

Consult With Our Professionals

Need help deciding on the right smoke smell eliminator? Get in touch with Sani-Chem today and schedule a consultation on your needs. Our experts can help guide you to the product that fits your situation.