What Floor Pads Do You Need for Auto-Scrubbing?

Auto-scrubbers are an effective way to clean large areas, and they’re an absolute necessity for many commercial clients. Restaurants, office buildings, gymnasiums, and a host of other buildings often use these walk-behind scrubbers for effective and efficient cleaning. However, it’s important to know what kind of floor pads you need for your floor.

Understanding the Color-Coded Floor Pad System

Floor pad manufacturers across the industry use the same colors to denote specific types of floor pads for auto-scrubbers. The lighter the pad color, the less intensive (i.e. the gentler) the pad will be to your floor. In order to decide which ones you need, take stock of your floor type and the kind of job you’re looking to perform.

Types of Floor Pads

Within most of the following types of pads, the color code system applies. For example, a white polishing pad is the softest of the polishing pads, with black ones being the most aggressive.

Polishing Pads

These pads are used to apply a thin polish or wax sheen to dry, clean floors. They follow the color code system and are the lightest type of floor pad available (except for the rare carpet cleaning pad, which is only used on carpets for added clean after a thorough vacuum).

Buffing Pads

The next most aggressive type of floor pad is the buffing pad. These are often used for daily cleaning and will not cause harm to most floor types. Usually, the red buffing pads are the ones that are the roughest.

As a bit of a niche offer, you can also purchase burnishing pads. These pads are for high-speed buffing and they may not follow the color code. Check the label before purchase to ensure that they are right for your floor type.

General Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing pads are all-purpose, but they can be aggressive. Used in areas that attract heavy foot traffic, these pads are designed to clean thoroughly without stripping the floor’s finish. Dark green scrubbing pads are the roughest.

Conditioning Pads

The next step up consists of the conditioning pads. These are designed to be more aggressive and to get floors ready for finishing or refinishing. They are typically only used on wood floors or VCT floors.

Stripping Pads

Available in black, purple, and brown, stripping pads are the most intense. They are designed to remove wax, finishes, and sealant in order to prepare floors for refinishing. If you are not trying to refinish your floor, avoid this type.

Whatever your floor scrubbing needs, contact Sani-Chem to consult with experts about the products that best suit your goals.