What’s a Good Neutral Floor Cleaner for Hard Surfaces?

There are plenty of cleaning solutions out there, but many make use of intense acids or alkaline bases. While that might be necessary in specific instances and for certain hardcore stains, you don’t want to use powerful acids and alkalines all the time. For starters, these compounds can be toxic and may harm both you and the environment over time. Plus, they can damage the very surfaces you’re trying to keep pristine.

Enter pH neutral cleaners. Neutral floor cleaners are gentler and often get the job done better than their more aggressive counterparts. Some of the reasons people use neutral floor cleaners include:

  • easy rinse-off without leaving residue behind
  • lack of hazardous fumes
  • useful on natural surfaces as well as untreated ones
  • prevents aggravation of skin conditions

How to Find the Best Neutral Floor Cleaners Around

When you’re looking for a good neutral floor cleaner, whether that’s for a residential job or to meet the needs of your commercial cleaning business, you’ll need to gravitate toward those that are gentle but effective. Bob Vila recommends several considerations when selecting the right pH neutral floor cleaner for your home or business’ floor material.

  • All vinyl floors are suitable.
  • Use microfiber cloths to spot-clean hardwood floors and laminate floors.
  • Stone floors require wet cloths and stone-specific pH-neutral cleaners.
  • Avoid any abrasive sponges or cloths when using neutral cleaners on ceramic tiles.

Once you know what you’re looking for, head over to Sani-Chem’s online shop to browse our selection of pH neutral floor cleaners. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Floor Science

Floor Science Neutral Floor Cleaner is great for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. It is sold in concentrate and can make up to 129 gallons of cleaner. Plus, using this deep-cleaning neutral solution can help prolong your floor stripping cycles, saving you even more money and time in the long run.

Spartan Damp Mop 8

Spartan Damp Mop 8 should be your go-to if you have a floor with a heavy gloss finish. It is slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.5, but falls into the neutral range. Safe for resilient floor types, this floor cleaner is phosphate-free and does not require a rinse.

Find All Your Cleaning Solutions at Sani-Chem

In addition to myriad neutral floor cleaners, we’ve also got an astonishingly wide variety of cleaning tools, chemicals, safety equipment, and more. Head over to Sani-Chem’s online store to see how we can make your cleaning life simple and efficient.