How Taking Care of Cleaning Equipment Saves You Money

Taking proper care of your industrial cleaning equipment can extend the life of your machines and save you serious cash in the long run. Vacuums, buffing machines, and automatic scrubbers can last for years with the right care. Proper maintenance ensures your machines are always available when you need them, helping you avoid costly repairs and downtime. 

Preventative Maintenance Tips 

Preventative maintenance can go a long way to preserve the life of industrial cleaning equipment. Start by thoroughly reading the owner’s manual. While many people skip this step, it’s essential to understanding how to properly care for your tools. Once you’re familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations, develop a maintenance program your staff can follow each day.

While daily maintenance might sound like a lot, spending a few minutes caring for cleaning equipment each day can make a world of difference. Vacuums, for instance, need their bags emptied daily to prevent clogs and ensure they’re working as efficiently as possible. While maintenance can be more labor intensive on more complex machines like buffers and auto scrubbers, incorporating them into your routine can make the process effortless. Simply wiping down machines and checking their cords for fraying is a great start.

Don’t have time to incorporate daily maintenance into your routine? Sani-Chem can help keep industrial cleaning equipment running with customized preventative maintenance programs. From equipment inspection to comprehensive service and training, our maintenance program can support your facility’s operations and budget.  

When to Call For Help

Even the most thorough of maintenance programs can’t prevent all types of breakages. The next time you find your cleaning equipment breaking down, call in the Sani-Chem team for reinforcements. We can service your tools and repair any issues you’re facing. Too often, out-of-service industrial cleaning equipment means lost productivity and more expenses your business will need to take care of. Our team of  technicians are dedicated to maintaining and repairing your cleaning equipment to keep your facility operations running as smoothly as possible. 

Struggling to remember the last time you had your industrial cleaning equipment serviced? It’s time to schedule an appointment with Sani-Chem.