Sani-Chem and UNX – The Perfect Combo for Your Hotel

Sanitation is one of the most important aspects of the hospitality industry. No one wants to visit a hotel that has a reputation for dinginess or dirt. Even when linens and surfaces are clean, stains can be a major turnoff for potential customers and clientele.

At Sani-Chem, we partner with UNX to provide top-quality surfactant technology and services to hoteliers and hospitality companies like yours. Here, we’ll break down what makes UNX products so good for your hotel and what you can expect when you get a customized cleaning plan from us!

The UNX Difference

UNX pioneers new and exciting surfactant cleaning technologies and software, including state-of-the-art dilution stations and chemical dispensers that automatically send an alert when sensing any potential problem. Their products are also the only ones on the market that guarantee an accurate dispense amount, so you can be sure your linens and wares are thoroughly, properly clean.

Keep these important stats in mind when thinking about your next cleaning solution supplier:

  • 90% of UNX customers agree that UNX products offer a superior clean than competitors’ versions.
  • The cost of replacing soiled linens is about four to five times higher than the cost of cleaning chemicals.

What the UNX / Sani-Chem Combo Gets You

Sani-Chem uses UNX products and supplies you with a customized cleaning plan made expressly for your business and its unique needs. This set-up can include many services, such as:

  • specially formulated chemical mixtures for your company’s specific needs
  • worry-free dilution stations on-site
  • one free on-site laundry by Sani-Chem, showing the quality of UNX products
  • carefully crafted training documents for your team
  • a unique cleaning routine and schedule for your hospitality chain
  • round-the-clock emergency support staff
  • regular maintenance visits

No two hospitality companies are the same, and they often don’t serve the same clientele or have the same exact cleaning problems. Therefore, we believe no two companies should get the same cookie-cutter solution. Let us craft a custom plan for your company to help you stand out, provide the highest-level of cleanliness to your customers, and save money on replacing soiled wares.

For questions, concerns, or to schedule a meeting with Sani-Chem, head to our contact page.