Why Invest in Preventative Maintenance for Your Cleaning Equipment

Preventative maintenance is an important part of any facilities management job. By developing consistent maintenance routines for your cleaning equipment, you’ll see improvements in both safety and performance. Too often, though, managers assume that maintenance duties will be too costly and time-consuming to undertake. While it’s easy to shrug off manufacturer recommendations for maintenance, ignoring suggestions could be an expensive mistake.

The question boils down to this: will the manpower and money invested in your preventative maintenance routine outweigh emergency repairs? Nine times out of ten, the answer is yes.

Benefits of Properly Maintained Equipment

Investing your time and money into maintenance can seem like a fruitless endeavor upfront. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? The reality is that you’ll see a major reduction in downtime and far fewer repair jobs will be required. In turn, you’ll be able to better conserve your assets and increase their life expectancy. Eliminating the premature replacement of industrial cleaning equipment is a major benefit that few people discuss.

Timely, routine maintenance also improves the safety and quality for everyone using the equipment in question. Imagine how much more effective your cleaning efforts could be with equipment that’s running in optimal condition. By increasing operational efficiency, you’ll also save on resources and energy. This could mean serious cost savings and a reduction of your environmental footprint, too.

Get Help Implementing Your Preventative Maintenance Program

You wouldn’t let your car go for too long without an oil change, nor would you miss out on routine dental appointments that help keep teeth healthy. Why not take a similar approach to the equipment you rely upon for daily cleaning?

If you’ve been depending upon a reactive maintenance strategy for your cleaning equipment, it may be time to create a more preventative program for your business. There are obviously many benefits that come with this method, cost-savings chief among them. If you’re feeling unsure of where to begin, reach out to the Sani-Chem team. We’ll be happy to walk you through manufacturer recommendations and service your equipment ourselves.

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