Repair, Don’t Replace: Why Invest in Routine Maintenance

When your floor scrubber breaks down, what do you do? For many busy professionals, waiting on a repair isn’t an option. Dirty floors wait for no one, but routine maintenance can help mitigate the need for repairs.

The benefits of routine maintenance are obvious. When you keep your industrial cleaning equipment in good condition, it’ll be less likely to break down. Less downtime means more time you can actively spend using the equipment. When kept in good condition, cleaning equipment is also more effective. If you’re hoping to use your time and tools as efficiently as possible, regular maintenance is key.

Repair While You Can

Planned obsolescence is becoming all too common in the tech industry. Producing goods that quickly become obsolete is certainly an effective money-making strategy, but the results aren’t particularly consumer-friendly. While investing in top of the line equipment and tools might seem like a smart choice, even the most highly recommended products seem built to break these days.

Right to Repair laws aim to limit the reach of planned obsolescence. Should such laws go into effect, product manufacturers would be required by law to offer options to repair broken and outdated equipment. The Fair Repair Act and other similar pieces of legislation are still very much in the development process. Should they fail to be enacted, we could face a future in which your broken floor scrubber will have no choice but to be replaced upon failure.

Service Your Equipment Now

If you’re struggling to remember the last time you had your industrial cleaning equipment serviced, it’s likely time to schedule an appointment with Sani-Chem. By taking a proactive approach to caring for your tools, you’ll minimize the risk of downtime and ensure the longevity of the equipment you rely upon for daily use. Routine maintenance can go a long way to preventing breakdowns, but only if you stay on top of manufacturer recommendations. Turn over a new leaf today and schedule your service! Your equipment will thank you in the long run.