Top Solutions for School Cleaning

Whether you are on the janitorial staff at a school, the administrative team, or an outside contractor, Sani-Chem has you covered as far as tips and tricks for keeping your school clean. We’ve provided a list of our top tips below, as well as several products that are perfect for school cleaning jobs.

Disinfectants Are Key

Schools are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants. Apart from personal hygiene and studiously observed protocol for issues like COVID-19, the best way of fighting this problem is by using disinfectants. Unfortunately, many disinfectants leave behind film, coat hallways and walkways with overwhelming odors, and can be dangerous if inhaled regularly.

We recommend our Spartan DMQ disinfectant cleaning solution for several reasons:

  • It’s a neutral cleaner.
  • It’s film-free.
  • Can be applied to high-gloss surfaces.
  • Helps eliminate viruses, including HIV-1 (the AIDS virus).

Provide Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Another step toward eliminating harmful contaminants or illnesses that could ravage your students and staff is by providing easy-access hand sanitizer dispensers. The best way of combating illness is by washing hands with soap and water, but it’s difficult to rely on students to do so with 100% effectiveness.

The ES6 Touch Free Dispenser uses Purell hand sanitizer, which is a trusted name in personal hygiene. These dispensers can convert to a locking system as well, in case troublemakers decide to make a mess. Buy in bulk, install them strategically around your school, and see the difference immediately.

Invest in Floor Scrubbers

Auto-scrubbers like the TTB516 are an efficient way to clean your floors daily. They can be used to get rid of contaminants, clean spills, buff floors, and keep a shine on highly trafficked areas. We like the TTB516 because it:

  • is compact (can fit in a car trunk)
  • has up to an hour of run time per charge
  • uses a pivoting squeegee to recover water
  • has an easy-to-use drain for recovered water

Final Thoughts

Keeping your school clean is a tough task. However, it’s also one of the most important and most underappreciated jobs. We find that it’s best to create a weekly plan that targets specific area-types each day. For example, you might want to hit hallways, entrances, and highly trafficked areas one day, have one janitor focus on bathrooms, and section off individual classrooms for deep cleaning each week.

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